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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Movie                    »Rating : Details
VFX6.0/10☆ 1000+ Critic, Reviews
IMDb                        0.0/10☆ (Votes:00 )
Rotten Tomatoes 00%  (Votes:00)
Release date :       12 February 2021 ( United States ).
Hindi                      Yes
English                   Yes
In                            2D, 
Director            Robin Wright.
Run Time   01:19:34
Rating Symbol     PG-13 , Brief Strong Language|Thematic Content|Partial Nudity,
Writer         Jesse Chatham, Erin Dignam
Awards                    0 wins ☆
Age                     15+
Genres       Drama / Thriller.
Budget       $ 00 million
Box Office         $ 00 million
1 Day Collection ( USA- $ 00 million )
( India- ₹00 Crore )
( Worldwide- $ 00  million )
1Week Collection( USA- $ 00 million )
( India- ₹ 00 Crore )
( Worldwide- $ 00 million )
Studio:                     Focus Features.
Production companyBig Beach, Nomadic Pictures, Cinetic Media, Hanway Films, Flashlight Films.
Produced by         Allyn Stewart, Lora Kennedy, Peter Saraf, Leah Holzer.
Starring     Robin Wright, Demián Bichir, Kim Dickens
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Cinematography Bobby Bukowski
Country                 United States, United Kingdom, Canada.
Language           English
Edit  Anne McCabe Mikkel E.G. Nielsen
Filming LocationAlberta, Canada

Land (2021)

Cast : Robin Wrights, Kim Dickens, Warren Kristie, Demian Bichir, Brad Leland, Jill Maria Robinson, Travis Gordan Phillips, Sarah Dawn Pledge, Jordan Gooden, Travis Willer.

Detailed information :-

Land (2021 film)‘ is an upcoming Hollywood drama and thriller based movie directed by Robin Wright and produced by Allyn Stewart, Lora Kennedy, Peter Saraf and Leah Holzer. This movie is written by Jesse Chatham and Erin Dignam , edited by Anne McCabe and Mikkel E.G. Nielson. While the cinematography of this movie is done by Bobby Bukowski. This movie stars Robin Wright himself, Damian Bichir and Kim Dickens in the lead role. This movie is scheduled to release theatrically on 12 Feb, 2021 in United States by Focus Features.

This movie is based on the story of a woman named Edee Holzer, who is in search of a good, pleasant and peaceful life and recently started living in a house situated in wild hilly area of Rockies, America. Due to some events she finds herself unconnected to the normal world and finds it difficult to be around people as she belives that people just want her to become better. But while living alone in mountains she meets with an attack by a bear, which left him injured and unconscious in her house because a local hunter rescue him from this dangerous attack and bring him back from a near death. After this event she must learn to live again normally.

In April 2019 it was announced that Robin Wright would direct a movie titled ‘Land’ and also play a lead role in this movie. Further, it was also revealed that screenplay will be done by Jesse Chatham, Liz Hannah and Erin Dignem. In October 2019, Focus Features acquired the distribution rights to the film, Other stars like Damian Bichir and Kim Dickens were also casted in the same month.

Principal filming for this movie started in October 2019 in the city of Alberta, Canada. And there is no information when the shooting of this movie was wrapped. Originally this film is scheduled to release on 12 Feb 2021, but it also have its world premiere on 31st January 2021 at 2021 Sundance Film Festival. The trailer of the movie was launched recently on YouTube. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, go check it out, it is also available on our website. If you like this article let us know in the comments section.

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