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Safety (2020)

Genre : Sports / Biography / Drama.

Release date : 11 December 2020 (digitally) : Movie On 11 December

Directed by : Reginald Hudlin.

Produced by : Mark Ciardi.

Cast : Jay Reeves, Alex A.J. Gardner, Thaddeus J Mixson, Corinne Fox, Hunter Sansone, Matthew Glave, Iron E Singleton, Amanda Warren, Luke Tennie, Kenny Alfonso, Rhoda Griffis, Todd Alen, James Dumont, Stephen Ruffin, Joe Knezevich, Alexandra Bartee, William J Harrison, Rennel Gibbs.

Music Director : Not Available.

Written by : Randy McKinnon, Nick Santora.

Distributed by : Disney+

Production company : Walt Disney Pictures, Select Films.

Budget : Not Available.

Duration : Not Available.

Detailed information : ‘Safety’ is an upcoming Hollywood Drama, Biography and Sports based movie directed by Reginald Hudlin and produced by Mark Ciardi. This film is based on the true life story of Ray McElarthbey. And it is scheduled to release digitally on Disney+ on 11th of December 2020.It has Jay Reeves in the lead role and he is playing the character of Ray McElarthbey. The title ‘Safety’ taken from the position in a football team, where Ray was used to play in American football team.

The story of this movie is mainly based on the character of Ray McElarthbey, who is an American football player at Clemson University. Ray have to take custody of his 11 year old brother named Fahmarr McElarthbey because their mother was failed to hold custody of Fahmarr as she was a drug addict and was sent to a drug rehab facility. Now Ray has to raise and take care of his little brother in campus secretly while performing good and playing well on the field because Ray need money, which comes through the scholarship from clemson University, for raising his brother properly. Ray ,while raising his brother face a lot of challenges but he never give up, his dedication, patience and presistent hard work lead him to a success on the field along with a successful personal life.

In july 2019 ,it was revealed that Disney+ is making a movie with Reginald Hudling as directer of this film, which is going to be based on the struggles of Ray McElarthbey. Principal photography of this movie was started in September 2019 in Atlanta and Carolina. Some scenes of movie filmed in Clemson University Campus of city Clemson in September 2019. Some shots were filmed in Carillon Garden area while some were filmed in clemson Memorial Stadium. While shooting fans or audience agreed with producers and directors to remain in their seats for movie sequences. They also cheered the game as if it was real. If you are also liked the trailer and waiting for the movie, let us know in the comments section.

Story Line

This movie is based on the true story of a football player named Ray McElrathbey, when he is 18 year old his mother was sent to a drug rehab facility. Ray has a little brother of 11 year old and in order to prevent his brother from going to foster care , Ray take custody of his little brother and raise him with the help of money Ray gets from scholarship.

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