Skylines (2020) ,aka Skylin3s, Reviews, Full Detailed, And More

Skylines (2020) ,aka Skylin3s.

Genre : Action / Sci-fi / Thriller.

Release date : 18th December 2020. (U.S.A)

Directed by : Liam O Donnell.

Produced by : Matthew E Chausse, Colin Strause, Greg Strause, Liam O Donnell.

Cast : Lindsey Morgan, Rhona Mitra, James Cosmo, Alexander Siddig, Daniel Bernhardt, Jonathan Howard , Ieva Andrejeveite, Cha Lee Yoon, Jeremy Fitzgerald.

Music By : Ram Khatabakhsh.

Based on : Characters by Joshua Cordes, Liam O Donnell.

Distribution by : Vertical Entertainment.

Production company : Hydraulx, A Giffler Films Limited, Lipsync Production, Artbox Fasten Films.

Budget : Not Available.

Duration : 1 hour 50 Min.

Detailed information :- Skylines 2020 (also known as Skylin3s) is an upcoming Hollywood Sci-fi and action based movie directed by Liam O Donnell, produced by Matthew E Chausse, Colin Strause, Greg Strause and Liam O Donnell. It is third installment from Skyline movie series. It is based on the story written by Matthew E Chausse and Liam O Donnell. It is a sequel to film known as Beyond skyline (2017). Also it is the last movie from skyline movie series.

It is based on the story of a period where humans are living normally with aliens on the planet Earth. And both the species are helping each to develop and grow. But this process continued only for a short time because an evil virus turned the friendly aliens into enemies of human beings. In order to solve this problem and save the human beings and earth from destruction, a team of trained soldiers along with captain Rose Corley sent to a mysterious planet,where the source of this evil virus exists.But it is not an easy task to do, they have to sacrifice the lives of some soldiers.

This film had a special screening and premiered at London Frightfest film festival on October 25 2020. It will release theatrically on 18 December 2020, but it will be available on OTT platforms from December 18 in other words it will also released digitally on demand. The first installment of skyline movie series was released in 2010 named as ‘skyline’ .The second movie was released 7 years later in 2017, which is known as ‘Beyond Skyline’ And third is releasing now in December. The makers took very long time to complete the series. I will not pretend that i know much about this Trio because me and you all have forgotten this series until the trailer of the new movie skylin3s released.

In the trailer,VFX are not looking good if compared to other Hollywood movies. But for the fans of ‘Skyline’ film series it will be a satisfying ending. If you haven’t seen the previous two movies, you can skip the first movie and can directly watch ‘Beyond Skyline (2017)’ to understand the beginning story of this third movie. The real game of Vfx will happen when the movie will release, till then let us know in the comments section what you think about this movie.

Story Line

In the times when aliens are living happily with humans, an evil force/Virus turns friendly aliens into human enimies. Therefore, a team of professional soldiers, the captain of which is Rose Corley go on a mission to another planet in order to save earth.

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