The Marksman (2021 film) Reviews, Full Detailed, And More

Movie                    »Rating : Details
VFX6.3/10☆ 1000+ Critic, Reviews
IMDb                        0.0/10☆ (Votes:00 )
Rotten Tomatoes 00%  (Votes:00)
Release date :       22 Jan 2021 (United States).
Hindi                      Yes
English                   Yes
In                            2D, 3D,
Director            Robert Lorenz.
Run Time   02:01:21
Rating Symbol     PG-13 | Brief Strong Languag, Violenc, Some Bloody Images
Writer         Robert Lorenz, Chris Charles, Danny Kravitz.
Awards                    0 wins ☆
Age                     14+
Genres       Action / Thriller / Mystery.
Budget       $ 00 million
Box Office         $ 00 million
1 Day Collection ( USA- $ 00 million )
( India- ₹00 Crore )
( Worldwide- $ 00  million )
1Week Collection( USA- $ 00 million )
( India- ₹ 00 Crore )
( Worldwide- $ 00 million )
Studio:                     Open Road Films, Briarcliff Entertainment.
Production companySculptor Media, Zero Gravity Management, Stonehouse Motion Pictures
Produced by         Tai Duncan, Mark Williams, Warren Goz, Eric Gold, Robert Lorenz.
Starring     Liam Neeson,
Katheryn Winnick,
Juan Pablo Raba,
Teresa Ruiz,
GamesNote Available : Google Play Store
Cinematography Mark Patten
Country                 United States
Language           English
Music By   Sean Callery.
Filming LocationWellington, Ohio, USA

The Marksman (2021)

Cast : Liam Neesan, Katheryn Winnick, Jaun Pablo Raba, Teresa Ruiz, Dylan Kenin, Jacob Perez.

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Detailed information :-

The Marksman (2021)‘ is an upcoming hollywood Action and Thriller based movie directed by Robert Lorenz and produced by Tai Duncan, Mark Williams, Warren Goz, Eric Gold and Robert Lorenz. Cinematography is done by Mark Patten and this film is edited by Luis Carballar. In this film, Liam Neesan and Katheryn Winnick are playing the lead roles. This movie is set to release theatrically on 22 January 2021 in United States.

This movie is about an ex-marine sharpshooter named Jim Hanson (starring Liam Neesan), who now owns a ranch and trying to live alone. He recently received an eviction notice and trying to make an isolated stretch worth living. The real problem starts when one day Jim saw an 11 year old boy named Miguel (starring Jackob Perez )with his mother named Rosa (starring Teresa Ruiz) crossing border illegally and trying to flee from drug cartel assassins of Ruthless Mauricio (starring Jaun Pablo Raba). At the same time Rosa is shot by an assassin and dying Rosa begs Jim to take care of her son Miguel and request Jim to transport her son to her family in Chicago. Jim takes Miguel out of the local U.S. border patrol station after neglecting his cop daughter named Sarah. During their journey to Chicago, jim and Miguel starts to develop a friendly relationship and come face to face with Mauricio and his shooters.

In May 2019 it was announced that a movie ‘The Miniteman’ will be made by Sculpture media and Stone house pictures along with Zero Gravity and it will be directed by Robert Lorenz. In the same month Liam Neesan was casted to play lead role in it while the other stars like Kathreyn Winnick and Jaun Pablo Raba were joined the cast of the film in September 2019.

Principal photography for this film was started in the month September 2019 in Lorain and Chardon (Ohio). Shooting was also occured in New Mexico. A small part of film was also shot in a small town Ravenna Ohio, while some scenes were also shot in cities of parma and brook park. And shooting was completed in october 2019. Further, an interesting fact about this movie is that the world famous truck driver Johon Macar also worked in this movie. The trailer of the movie launched in the first week of December 2020 and now available on YouTube. If you are fan of Liam Neesan’s acting, go check out the trailer.

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