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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Serpent

Top special agent Lucinda Kavsky works for a secret part of the CIA. She’s given a special assignment but then set up by her own agency.

GenreCrime, Drama
WrittenRichard Warlow,
Toby Finlay,
DirectedTom Shankland,
Hans Herbots,
StarsTahar RahimJenna,
ColemanBilly Howle,
Ellie Bamber,
Mathilde Warnier,
Tim McInnerny,
ComposerDominik Scherrer
CountryUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series1
No. of episodes8
Executive producersRichard Warlow,
Tom Shank,
land Preethi,
Mavahalli Damien,
TimmerLucy Richer,
ProducerStephen Smallwood
Production locationsThailand, United Kingdom
Production companyMammoth Screen
Original networkBBC One
Picture format2:1 1080p
Release1 January –
14 February 2021

The Serpent Trailer

The Serpent Trailer Lyrics

It’s a good life that
I provide here.

I’ve been good to you.

Then you understand
why it’s hard for me to accept…

that you just want to leave.

Our home is always
open to friends.

-Who is your guest, Ajay?
-Oh, you’re the gem dealer.

He is the gem dealer.
My husband, Alain.

We have a network of couriers
throughout Asia

and Western Europe.

Which is how we are able
to offer such attractive prices.

To friends.

To friends.

-To friends.
-What’s wrong with us?

To friends.

I’m looking for two backpackers.

I work for the Dutch embassy.

Their families haven’t heard
from them in over two months.

I have letters they wrote home
in which they both describe

meeting a French gem dealer
based out of Bangkok.

Do they name
this French gem dealer?

No. But if this killer
is not found,
people are
in danger.

What is my risk next to that?

What is your risk?

See, this is what he does.

He robs. Kills.
Forges victims’ passports.

He’s the man known
as the Serpent,
Asia’s most
notorious killer.

What did you make me do?

You are a killer too.

Nobody has ever caught me.

I expected to feel great guilt.

I did not. I felt free.

The Serpent 2021 TV Series Cast

36Tahar Rahim Charles Sobhraj . 8 episodes, 2021 
35Billy Howle Herman Knippenberg . 8 episodes, 2021 
34Jenna Coleman Marie-Andrée Leclerc . 8 episodes, 2021 
33Ellie Bamber Angela Knippenberg . 8 episodes, 2021 
32Mathilde Warnier Nadine Gires . 8 episodes, 2021 
31Grégoire Isvarine Remi Gires . 8 episodes, 2021 
30Tim McInnerny Paul Siemons . 8 episodes, 2021 
29Amesh Edireweera Ajay Chowdhury . 7 episodes, 2021 
28Apasiri Kulthanan Lawana . 7 episodes, 2021 
27William Brand Ambassador van Dongen . 7 episodes, 2021 
26Chotika Sintuboonkul Kannika . 5 episodes, 2021 
25Kenneth Won Yotin . 4 episodes, 2021 
24Fabien Frankel Dominique Renelleau . 4 episodes, 2021 
23Adam Rothenberg Gilbert Redland . 4 episodes, 2021 
22Ilker Kaleli Vitali Hakim . 4 episodes, 2021 
21Chicha Amatayakul Suda Romyen . 4 episodes, 2021 
20Ellie de Lange Helena Dekker . 3 episodes, 2021 
19Armand Rosbak Willem Bloem . 3 episodes, 2021 
18Sahajak Boonthanakit Major General Janthasin . 3 episodes, 2021 
17Stacy Martin Juliette Voclain . 3 episodes, 2021 
16Alice Englert Teresa Knowlton . 3 episodes, 2021 
15Damon Herriman Laver . 3 episodes, 2021 
14Cathy Min Jung Phung Chabanol . 2 episodes, 2021 
13Teeradech Tisanuruk Poste Restante Manager . 2 episodes, 2021 
12Nadhini Sirisinha Mrs. van Dongen . 2 episodes, 2021 
11Alma Jodorowsky Stéphane Parry . 2 episodes, 2021 
10Lucy Newman-Williams Moira Callaghan . 2 episodes, 2021 
9Stuart Bowman Graeme Stanton . 2 episodes, 2021 
8Alyy Khan Deputy Superintendent Naranda Nath Tuli / . 2 episodes, 2021 
7Nicole Beutler Dagmar Boeder . 2 episodes, 2021 
6Johan van Assche Otto Boeder . 2 episodes, 2021 
5Theerapat Sajakul Lieutenant Colonel Sompol Suthimai . 2 episodes, 2021 
4Surasak Chaiyaat Romyen . 2 episodes, 2021 
3Raphael Roger Levy Count Michel-Andre Jurion . 2 episodes, 2021 
2Pravessh Rana Thapa . 2 episodes, 2021 
1Tim McMullan Douglas Cartwright . 2 episodes, 2021

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