What If (2021 TV series) Reviews, Full Detailed

Movie                    »Rating : Details
VFX8.5/10☆ 1000+ Critic, Reviews
IMDb                        0.0/10☆ (Votes:00 )
Rotten Tomatoes 00%  (Votes:00)
Release date :       June or July 2021 (digitally).
Hindi                      Yes
English                   Yes
In                            2D,
Director            Bryan Andrews.
Season and Episode :  1st Season 10 Episodes.
Rating Symbol     R /
Awards                    0 wins ☆
Age                     16+
Genres       Animation / Action / Adventure.
Budget       $ 00 Million USD.
Box Office         $ 00 million
Based on :Novel named ‘What if’ by Marvel Comics.
Created by :A.C. Bradley.
Studio:                     Disney platform Distributions.
Production companyMarvel Studios, Squeeze.
Executive producer        Kevin Fiege, Brad Winderbaum.
Starring     Jeffrey wright.
GamesNot Available : Google Play Store
MusicLaura Karpman.
Country           United States
Language        English
Original networkDisney+
Filming LocationMarvel

What If (2021)

Cast : Jeffrey Wright, other cast members are not available right now, but will be available soon.

Detailed information :-

What if‘ is an upcoming Hollywood Action, Animation and superhero based tv series created by A.C. Bradley and directed by Bryan Andrews while the executive producers are Kevin Fiege and Brad Winderbaum, who also serve as head writer of this series . It is based on the novel titled ‘What if’ written by Marvel Comics. It is produced by Marvel Studios and will be distributed by Disney plus, while the animation of this series is done by Stephen Frack. The exact release date of first episode is not confirmed yet but it is expected to release digitally on Disney+ in the mid of 2021.

The plot or storyline of this tv series is not confirmed yet but we can expect that it movies around the most important events happened in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this time these events occurred differently like T Challa (starring Chadwick Boseman) becomes Star Lord instead of becoming Black Panther, and Peggy Carter becomes captain Britain. Whereas in the original Story of MCU Yondu kidnaps Peter Quill (starring Chris Pratt) and he becomes star-lord before joining the Guardians of the galaxy. Futher, in the original storyline Steve Rogers (starring Chris Evans) receives super soldier serum and become captain America whereas in ‘What If’ tv series story Peggy Carter takes serum instead on Steve Rogers and becomes captain Britain.

In March 2019, Marvel studios announced that they are planning to make an animated tv series which will be based on ‘What If’ comic book. They further revealed that this tv series will be produced by Kevin Fiege and will show us how Marvel Cinematic Universe would be changed if certain major events of MCU hapoend differently. In December 2019, Producer Kevin Fiege announced that the first ‘What if’ season will consist of 10 episodes and preparation is already started for the development of second season, which will also consist of ten episodes.

At an event in July 2019 in San Diego, Marvel revealed that the actors who previously played the roles in the original movies of MCU will reprise their roles or give voice to characters. The production of this series was done remotely during the covid-19 pandemic. In the beginning of December 2020, Marvel studios launched a clip or trailer of this tv series on YouTube, but they haven’t confirmed or revealed the plot yet.

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